Loft Conversion Ideas for Your Next Condo Renovation Project

If you’re looking to rent or buy loft-style condos in Bangkok, you’ll quickly discover that they’re pretty uncommon in the Thai capital. What is becoming popular, however, are loft conversions. It’s an easy way of transforming an attic space into a functional room and the only limit really is your creativity. What loft conversion does is take a carbon-copy Bangkok condo, and turn it into a stylish space that suits your personality and tastes. Here are a couple of loft conversion tips that you can explore to make your next condo renovation project truly unique.

Minimalist approach

When it comes to a minimalist loft conversion, less definitely is more. Regardless of how big your condo is, your living space will start to feel small the more furniture and built-ins you have. Since loft-style is derived from large spaces that look simple yet functional, having less furniture will bode well for the overall look and feel of your newly converted loft.


In addition to keeping things minimal, your choice of furniture will impact your renovation project in more ways than one. A combination of contemporary pieces along with vintage furniture usually does the trick in creating a loft-style vibe, even if you don’t have a high volume space to work with.


The right decor will go a long way towards creating a loft-style feel and aesthetic of your condo. Your decor should complement the contemporary furnishings. Adding wall art and strategically placed sculptures to various rugs will definitely give the room a unique style. There are no set rules for what constitutes loft style so it’s really up to you to decide. There are plenty of places online with design ideas so it’s worth checking out some samples to give you a better idea.


Depending on the size of your condo, you will definitely want something more than the standard lighting that came with it. The good news is that you have plenty of options when it comes to lighting. Even if you cannot install new fixed lighting, you can use numerous styles of lamps to give the loft a different type of flair.


Loft style is all about creating a unique living space and one of the simplest ways to change the vibe and feel of the room is by changing its paint. But before you start painting the walls of your condo, make sure to do your research about the type of paint that’s most suitable for your applications. Alternatively, you can hire experienced designers and painters to ensure you don’t have a disaster on your hands.

Wall Modification

In addition to paint, you also modify the walls of your condo to achieve a more dramatic loft-style effect. The best way to go about this is to use a masonry veneer. It might need a little work and it may cost more than just painting, but the end result is definitely worth it. A masonry veneer allows you to place a layer of tiles over the walls to create the impression that they’re made from a different material. The most popular forms of masonry veneering for home interiors are various styles of exposed brick. Adding an exposed brick, slate or any other form of veneer wall to your condo will add a layer of interest that’s previously unseen in your converted space!

New Flooring

Installing new flooring in your condo can be a laborious renovation task if you wish to change the material used. One option is to use laminate flooring which covers the existing flooring and enhances its look. Laminate flooring has two main benefits; there are a wide variety of styles to choose from and it’s less expensive than traditional flooring materials. installing new laminate flooring is more of a DIY project and if you’re up to the task, you can most likely finish instaling it within a day. Laminate flooring is very durable and waterproof so it will help protect your existing flooring whilst giving it a modern and refreshed look.

Changing the layout

Perhaps the most common change for a loft-style condo is improving the layout. This can be done simply by increasing space. This means tearing out built-in furniture such as shelves and countertops, and walls. Basically, any wall that is not a supporting structure for the building can be taken down if you feel that it’s not needed. People who renovate a condo to loft-style usually remove the small bedrooms and non-essential rooms adjacent to the primary living space. With the excessive walls removed,  valuable space is freed up, thus giving you more options to create your unique loft condo masterpiece!

Exposing the ceilings

Exposing the ceilings means tearing out everything up to the cement slab which is the shell of the building. This can sometimes give you a meter or more of space than the average Bangkok condo!  When the ceilings are removed, the air conditioning ducts and electrical conduits will be exposed. These can be painted with various colours to add to the industrial loft style and track lighting may be added to complete that industrial vibe.

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