What To Expect With A Town House Gut Renovation

When we talk about townhouse gut renovations in Bangkok, there are plenty of factors to consider. Most people aren’t familiar with a gut renovation so let’s start with that. Gut renovation is basically a major overhaul of your house wherein every fixture, furniture, surface, and appliance is replaced. This is more complex than a traditional renovation project or household maintenance since all of the interior finishes will need to be stripped and all of the plumbing and electric wiring will need to be reworked.

A lot of things could go wrong in a townhouse gut renovation, especially in Bangkok where there are agreements to adhere to and certain don’ts that need to be followed. It’s for these reasons you should hire a skilled and experienced contractor to make sure your next project is a huge success. With that said, here’s what you can expect from a townhouse renovation in Bangkok.

The gut renovation process

Gut renovation is a time-intensive process and the duration of the project will depend on how small or big the house is. Hiring a professional renovation contractor can help speed up the process whilst limiting the number of mishaps along the way. Down below is the step-by-step procedure of a gut renovation from start to finish.

1. The strip down

The first step of the renovation involves stripping the interior fixtures, windows, the roof membrane, etc. as the contractor will start the project from scratch. This phase can feel as satisfying as it is shocking since it involves a lot of destruction and all of the walls will be torn down. Once the strip down process is complete, the contractor will put up protectants and move on to the next step.

2. Building examination

The next phase of the project is the building. But before that happens, the contractor and their team must first carry out a detailed inspection to identify any flaws or issues that may interfere with the renovation once it’s underway.

3. Layout assessment

Once the site passes the inspection, it’s time for the builders to get to work. In this step, the whole team will go through the entire architectural planning that you may or may not have acquired from a professional architect (we suggest you do so for a unique and modern townhouse). If necessary, the builders will install new framing and perform a final round of inspection.

4. Installing electric wires and plumbing

After establishing the framework, the net step is to install the electric wires and plumbing. This step is crucial since the electricians and plumbers have to work in a cohesive manner to eliminate any potential leaks or short-circuits.

5. Installing the fixtures

Moving on from the internal framework, the next step would be to install all furnished fixtures. These include the cabinets, stairs, electrical fixtures, and plumbing fixtures like sinks and faucets.

6. Finishing things up

Now we’re at the final stage of the whole gut renovation process and that’s getting your brand new townhouse. During this phase, the builders will finish things up by moulding, trimming, and painting the walls. With a bit of elbow grease, the house should be ready for viewing. You’ll be asked to tour the housing and see if you’re satisfied with the outcome or if you want any minor details to be added.

Factors to consider in your gut renovation project

As with any renovation project, having a budget in mind is critical so you don’t end up overspending. Considering that gut renovation is a costly affair, it’s worth considering a few factors to ensure you’re prepared for all of the expenses coming your way. Here are three things to keep in mind:

  • Area Requirements – Each area has strict rules and minimum insurance coverage for buildings that you should factor into your budget. Some rules require you to obtain permits for any construction work that may take place and these can cost anywhere from ฿60,000 – ฿160,000.
  • Architect Costs – Architect costs are also another factor worth considering when creating a budget for your gut renovation project. This will vary depending on which general contractor you’re hiring. General contractors work with industry experts who have the skills and expertise to successfully complete a gut renovation on-time and on-budget.
  • Overhead Costs –  It’s also important to consider all the potential overhead costs that may arise at any point of the renovation process to avoid any delays. It’s best to be prepared by having a healthy budget to give you additional headroom for unforeseen costs.

Final thoughts

Now that you’re well-informed about gut renovations in Bangkok, you may be planning on starting your project soon. If you’re more than ready to transform your old townhouse, then you will need to hire the right general contractor for the task.

This is where Bo Renovations comes in. We are a professional builder and contractor that guarantees superior workmanship with every project we handle. If you’re looking for a professional construction firm that meets all of the criteria to build your next home, then look no further than us. Feel free to contact us today and let us make your dream housing transformation a reality.

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